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NEW VIDEO: Skypus Interruptus  (HD)

It's happened again - I'm in the backyard, just starting a skype call with a fan when the dogs' barking alerts me to a car turning into the driveway. So I grab the equipment and move to a more covered area. Then, all of a sudden the phone starts ringing. it's just not a quiet day today. But, you know me, I still get things done, lol. ;-)

Added: March 18, 2019


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Since I've been here in the Caribbean, I've gone to the gym more often. After all, there's no snow here, ha ha. But again, since it's a public place, I had to be pretty quiet, so no erotic noises, ha ha. But still, I had no problem reaching my goal. How about joining me? :-)

Cleaning up the Shop (HD)

It had to happen sooner or later. When you
visit relatives you have to help out around
the house now and then. So here I was cleaning up my father's workshop. But, of course, I soon had a different idea. Can you guess what it
was, lol?


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Skyping in the Morning (HD)

A couple of weeks ago I did an early morning Skype call with a fan. He was a bit shy so we didn't talk too much, which was ok with me because until I've jumped in the pool here, I'm not fully awake. That didn't stop me from doing my first JO of the day though. I try to squeeze in at least a couple a day, lol.

 In the Backyard  (HD)

I shot this video in my parents' backyard. So I had to be a bit quieter than usual because there's a road on the other side of the fence and a lot of people walk or ride bikes on the island. It's the height of the busy tourist season here, so privacy is a bit of a problem now. Still, I managed, lol.

 Bedroom Closeup   (HD)

I'm on my bed, doing my thing, with my camera very close to me. You can almost feel that you're right there with me, ha ha. Too bad it's just a Valentine's Day fantasy. I'm glad I can do this for you though because for many of you the weather has turned truly ugly, even on the  west coast.


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